Profile on: Bilesh

  1. Typical Starter – Scallops
  2. Favourite Main – Rib-Eye (med-rare)
  3. To Finish?….. – Romantica (if it’s still available?)
  4. Favourite Beverage – Stella Or a Mojito (if ones being posh!)
  5. Most likely to say – “I am here you know!”
  6. Favourite Restaurant before BTNDC – Obilix at The Shard
  7. A word on Shaf – The Chef
  8. A word on DC – The Bald Eagle
  9. A word on Mits – ‘he could sell snow to an Eskimo’
  10. A word on Gally – Taylor Swift! 💃

And finally most memorable meal to date on BTNDC……

Gravetye Manor