Sagardi – London

Visit Date: 21/03/2019

Score: 33.5/50

SAGARDI is a restaurant which pays tribute to our roots, the Basque Country, a unique land with an ancestral culture of its own where food is at the very centre of life. Thanks to chef Iñaki López de Viñaspre, we offer sincere and authentic product-based cuisine that brings back the old-time flavours. Every day, we bring the authentic Basque culinary culture to the heart of London straight from the Basque Country, with all its wonderful products and the wisdom of the ancient Basque grillmasters. The best cuts of Basque red meat, the txuletón, wild fish just brought into the Basque ports, unique vegetables from our gardens, all GMO-free and brimming with flavour, and a painstaking selection of wines from our land. From the producer to the table. Welcome to our home.

95, Curtain Road (Shoreditch)
Cordy House Building