Scott’s Mayfair

Visit Date: 20/07/2018

Score: 40/50

Mount Street in Mayfair is a place i know fairly well and I’ve often walked passed Scott’s, and having seen how busy and lively it always seems to look, wanted to try it for myself…. what better than my next choice for a BTNDC night!

In writing my foremost memory is of our group being by far the most ‘lively’ in the place…. not sure Scott’s is used to a group of tipsy South London lads, but none the less the staff remained friendly and professional, if not as charismatic as you sometimes need to make it a truly memorable experience.

From the warm welcome onwards you know you are entering a smart, professional and hopefully exceptional restaurant. From the central bar to the environment as a whole it oozes class…. we know tonight won’t be cheap straight away but expectations are high and we are optimistic it’ll be worth it.

The first and second criticisms come very early on however. Bread and butter….. warm bread yes…. but why the rock hard butter?…. minus one immediately. Next moan is the slow and, dare I say, slightly snobby service. Maybe I misinterpreted some peoples’ demeanours, however you can’t help but be frustrated by the speed, or lack of, getting drinks and taking orders. Another minus one!

However we did have a nice selection of cocktails to peruse and when we finally ordered and received them, the popcorn and the rosemary ones were very nice and noteworthy.

Scott’s is renowned for being one of London’s oldest Oyster and Seafood restaurants, typically with Champagne flowing! Thus seafood was the order of the day…..

To begin the Scallops were ordered by our resident expert…. Mr Crowe, who declared them as ‘nice’…. which is fairly good considering his wisdom in all things Scallop-y!

The Oysters were apparently amazing. ‘Could be fuller’? but still amazing.

The Salmon tartare with wasabi mayo was also very nice. Like the restaurant itself everything so far was very good and professional without being exceptional.

The Crab however was not great although I wonder if my tastebuds had been affected by my annoyance with the service to date…. I’m not known for my patience!

Back to being nice, professional and on point…. the Sautéed Fois Gras with roasted fig tart and pistachios, was again very good.

Then we hit the jackpot….. the Twice Baked Keen’s Cheddar soufflé with NSW Black Truffle….. to quote…. “stunning & insane”.

The Octopus was apparently again very good.

The Burrata was ‘pretty’ good. All in all a very good start but was almost to be expected. Don’t get me wrong… the service was good and friendly….. probably aided by a little more vino by now, but it could have been better.

Clearly that vino was flowing quite freely as despite having 8 ‘starters’ written!!!, I have only noted 3 mains and 2 deserts…. No wine mentions! I guess we were allowed to order the same mains although I’m glad we nailed a selection of starters!

Only a photo of our typical white selection!

The John Dory with chips and minted beans….. very nice but the chips were exceptional!

The Bannockburn Rib Steak was very good, made better with those exceptional chips on the side!

However the Lobster Thermidor was truly Amazing…. we’d have been sorely disappointed if one of London’s finest Seafood eaterys had let us down in its fishy options….. well it certainly had not and is certainly on the shortlist for anyone wanting a classy seafood outing.

To conclude the evening, as full up as we were, we clearly had to try the Cheese, especially after the earlier soufflé champion option. Again lovely but not a huge selection unfortunately.

Also a Creme Brûlée please….. Nice but nothing special.

Seafood. Check.
Professional. Check.
Very Good evening. Check.
Expensive. Check.
If you want to conclude a fishy business deal in Mayfair then Scott’s in the place. Despite one or two frustrations I would go back…. however if you want something romantic or a little more fun and cheaper….. you can’t beat Nando’s sometimes.

20 Mount Street,