Visit Date: 29/06/2017

Score: 44.5/50

Street XO had been a long time coming…. Being a Mit choice, a one man propaganda machine who would probably only lose a bravado match against McGregor or Mayweather, Street XO was either going to be a huge hit or miss. With the website unfinished and the initial entrance and impression being poor, we thought this could be the same sort of flop as Big Daddy would have delivered back in the day! Fortunately it ended up being the Mike Tyson of ’87…. a knockout, not to mention ear being served somewhere on the menu! Ok enough of the fight pun and hype and time for the main event!…

Back to those first impressions – it felt like a club, very American orientated, but the welcome was full of similes and warmth to be fair.

Round 1…. The bar…. Boom. Wow. A fantastic menu, the aesthetics and overall drama of the cocktails being made were dazzling, and to top it off they tasted pretty bang on too!

The Liquid Madrizzzz looked great in its oversized glass and perfect for anyone wanting something sweet, sherbety and spectacular.

The USA smoker was another delicious one with its theatrics leading the way!…

The bacon on top was bloody tasty too!

The Drinking Pekin Duck was equally impressive. Served in a Chinese take away carton, complete with chop sticks (Mit you don’t actually have to use them to drink it!) the cocktail provided two completely separate tastes from the one glass, being lead to if you sipped from the berry or dusted side of the glass. Simple but clever.

More cocktails ensued including something which should be called a Hannibal Special:

As well as the ‘Brazilian White Chocolate’ which was possibly the best…. and before you ask no you are not drinking it off Gisele herself!

End of round one…. we we all still standing, just, but time to take a seat!….

Round two began in the heart of the arena and the crowd was definitely well into this now,…. busy, vibrant… where the main event was really happening. The menu looked so good that most of us were adamant that we would make it to round 12 and try everything. With everything being finger food ish and help yourself from the middle, we just started picking items from the menu and cracked straight on naming one each.
To compliment I thought it’d be a wonderful idea to get some Sake…. infiltered of course and although not to everyone’s taste it wasn’t too bad! Of course though it didn’t arrive without its own theatrics….. shaken not stirred please to create its snowy effect.

Hot smoked Scallops were amazing, and yes smoky, although the Scallop King Bill thought otherwise. Ps Bill that’s your new fight name… the Scallop King.

The Asparagus salad was equally lovely with the tartness especially nice.

Pekingese dumplings were extraordinarily good, with the strawberry drizzle just perfect. Absolute belter!

La Pedroche Croquettes were also very good.

An early near knockout blow delivered with high marks from the judges definitely on the cards.
The staff were also exceptional. Friendly, funny and knowledgable, only after you realised how good they were do you realise they are all wearing corsets or straitjackets!

I decided to play the next few rounds safer and ordered the Chablis. Always a winner with this one no exception and fairly priced too.

Tapioca – Simple and delicious!

Whopper XO Korean Style Chicken wings in green sauce – Not my cup of tea but apparently very good.

Steamed club sandwich with suckling pig and quail egg – again I ducked this punch but again apparently excellent. Did look delicious!

Robata Pigeon – the red sauce over the small breast was amazing. We were fighting over the final slices.

King Prawn Carpaccio with warm
mayo & Yuzu. Surprisingly good and was lemon heaven.

Prawn. V good.

Chilli blue swimmer Crab – very tangy and extremely lovely.

Entering the championship rounds now we ventured out for an interesting wine selection of the Santorini….. a dry white Greek…. why not. Wasn’t too bad either.

First to try to deliver the killer blow was the Indonesian Rendang Beef Taco – Bhaji and Madras hints but the taco itself was very disappointing and let the dish down unfortunately.

So it was down to the Korean Lasagne XO to produce….. and yes it did. Lush Beef, shitake, served with more theatrics in a hot and sour devine tomato sauce…. a noteworthy performance.

With a rematch already being negotiated sometime soon, all that was left was the deserts to decide if was a true knockout or be left to the scorecards….. And…… to the judges we go as the deserts unfortunately were the disappointment of the night. Coming in polystyrene boxes, perhaps I was hoping for a donner kebab, they were very underwhelming compared to earlier. Perhaps the gas tank was empty, the adrenaline rush dumped, nothing left to give but certainly something to work on. To be fair Mit delivered an unanimous decision with his…. raving still today about the aerated strawberry sponge served on top of the box, sweet strawberry jellies twinned with milk and white chocolate crispy balls, intermingled between strawberry sorbet….. sounds lovely!…. maybe I missed this sneaky sucker punch.

Street XO certainly delivered Showtime entertainment and a box office performance. Cocktails, hospitality, food were all exceptional and I’d recommend everyone a bout there soon!

15 Old Burlington St,