Duck & Waffle

Visit Date: 09/02/2017

Score: 40.5/50

The highest restaurant in London at circa 600ft, not that high let’s be honest compared to some cities around the world, is a destination venue that is a must for any blogging scoreboard. Situated on the 40th floor in the Heron Tower, with Sushi Samba underneath… another ‘apparent’ must visit, again we were all looking forward to this one especially following the previous outing’s cancellation.

Like with any popular place, getting a table was tough so we had a time of 8.45…. lots of drinking time beforehand! Spitalfields Market was our initial stop and offered some lovely wine bars specialising in tastings…. highly recommended. Next was cocktails in Sushi Samba…. very commercial with miserable staff… really disappointing to be honest. They didn’t care probably knowing that the only way to escape was to jump! Sure they have the venue and a lovely terrace for warmer weather but does a smile and some politeness cost anything? Not everyone to be fair but the majority of the bar tenders and staff.

Moving swiftly to our table upstairs in the Duck and Waffle, we were swiftly put at ease again in a lovely setting with a super comfy half couch seating arrangement. Let’s now enjoy the view….. well….. D&W please clean the windows a little more often!

Snacks to start… some Bacon Wrapped Dates which were lovely, Crispy Polenta which was good and a few bags of Crispy Pigs Ears…. ok but I wouldn’t bother next time. A decent start whilst waiting for our fifth member.

The wine menu was extremely good and we opted for a Uruguayan White, a 2015 Garzón, Albariño, Maldonado. Very nice and very reasonably priced.

An outstanding bread selection was next…. I love my bread and was well in my element. My favourite being the Lamb Keema with Hara Bhara Sauce. Delicious. I couldn’t leave any on the table! Not everyone was as enthusiastic but none went to waste.

The staff were immeasurably more hospitable and friendly up in the D&W fortunately, our waiter was nervous but spot on, our Italian female sommelier was happy to join in the banter with 5 ever increasingly tipsy guys…. overall we were made to feel most welcome by the team as a whole. Thanks guys.

A tasty array of starters followed including Seared Octopus – good, Pork and Apple Corn Dog – “awesome”, Spicy Ox Cheek Doughnut – apparently very good, Hispi Cabbage – ok and my Goat meatballs which were also very good but not necessarily something I would order again. However the table’s favourite was the Foie Gras Creme Brûlée, with pork cracking brioche, the only bit I ate which was gorgeous. It was presented really well too. I didn’t initially associate D&W with fine dining but it isn’t far off.

The next bottle of white came recommended by our new friend, and all I can remember is that it came from where she was born… the heel of the Italian boot! Anyway I also remember us all thoroughly enjoying it!

By the time the mains arrived we were all pretty full already! Damn lovely bread! But we continued like troopers…..

The ‘Duck and Waffle’ was inevitably ordered and divided opinion. Basically akin to posh Crispy Duck and Pancakes from Little China Garden next to the bookies, some enjoyed it for what it was, some thought it disappointing. Now I love Little China Garden!… Side Note – don’t takeaway Chinese do the best chips?

A whole roasted chicken was centred on the table and enjoyed by most, personally I thought it was just a roast chicken that my mum used to do on Sundays.., not that great then!

The 38 day aged 500g Angus bone in Rib-Eye was ok but not of a true steakhouse quality.

Overall the mains were pretty good and we probably did them a dis-service by ordering too much previously. Maybe one disappointment was the lack of sides on offer. Slightly contradictory I know but sides can sometimes really make a meal.
However once again the deserts sounded far too tempting and we marched on!

The Baked Alaska, Salted Caramel Choux Buns (seriously how yummy do they sound!?) and the Chocolate Fondant were all delicious and were the conclusion to a very good meal and night.

Wine tasting in Spitalfields Market, followed by a wonderful meal in The Duck and Waffle is a great evening recommended to all. Just bypass Sushi Samba for cocktails.

110 Bishopsgate,
Heron Tower,
110 Bishopsgate,
38th Floor,