Visit Date: 15/12/2016

Score: 36.5/50

F for FUN. Normally on this BTNDC blog it’s for ‘Fine’ Dining. Normally in my full time job it’s for ‘Flip’ (ing heck), ‘Fudge’ or other less productive words! But this time it’s Fun…. which is what you most certainly get from a night at Levant. My 4 peers, whom most seem to be taking the F for Fine very seriously, noted that we were there for critiquing the food rather than Fun…. but hey, this is My Blog!

Trying to choose somewhere different from the norm, Levant, situated in Marylebone, came highly recommended….. Middle Eastern cuisine, belly dancing, private ‘tents’…… a worthy addition to anyone’s list and blog. Very different from Michelin Starred establishments no doubt…. less refined but busier and a good vibe from the off.

Initially at the bar, then led to our private booth, akin to a Bedouin tent I believe, the cocktail list was a good place to begin the night in earnest. (Normally I’ll try to write down everything we have but it was more of a hectic, free for all night than normal… so bear with me!) the only cocktail I remember people having was a ‘posh mojito’ …. all were drunk and my overriding comment was that they were all very good and it could be a place to go even just for drinks.

The menu was equally appealing and it was fortuitous that it was a free for all approach…. everyone wanting a piece of everything! Starter course Including;

Fantastic ‘poofy’ warm bread rolls with sumac.
Soujoc…. Really good.
Baba Ghannouj.
Fattoush which was Awesome.
Qasbet d’jej. Not for me but apparently very good.
Sambousek jibne. Excellent.
Sambousek d’jej.
Halloumi meshwi. Totally superb.
Kibbe lahme. Really tasty.
Jawaneh. Very meaty.
Makale calamar.

I think everything got eaten and it was such a delicious change up from small fine dining portions. But we were stuffed!

At a couple points during the evening the belly dancers entered and captivated the crowd. Fun dancing…. better viewing!, everyone entertained and smiling. What’s to critique?

Although pretty full it’s our duty to march on through the menu.
Choosing one main was equally tough so sharing is definitely caring!

A Mashawy mixed grill.
More Kafte Lahme….
More Laham meshwi!
Even More Shish taouk!!!
……..All excellent but too full to finish.
Tagine bil d’jej too which again was superb but we had clearly bitten off more than we can chew!

Further cocktails, music and dancing followed… although anyone on the dance floor clearly didn’t have a feast similar to us.

But we weren’t finished there! Middle eastern sweet delicacies were brought out and looked lush. Unfortunately we didn’t do them justice with only a few nibbles here or there. You can just picture the tubby sultan from Disney’s Aladdin lying there with his harem, picking at the delights whenever he fancied. Swap a beautiful harem for my 4 middle aged cohorts and you get the idea!

Much to Mit’s delight a complimentary Shisha Pipe was brought out. Not my thing but I think everyone fully enjoyed it, akin to the cherry on top of a very enjoyable cake.

Compared to some of our other ‘posher’, expensive Michelin star visits, the food was very enjoyable albeit not Fine…. but the night was most certainly Fun and personally I’d whole heartedly recommend Levant for a middle eastern feast or just some cocktails and dancing, and a very Fun night.


Jason Court
76 Wigmore Street