Maze Grill Mayfair

Visit Date: 28/07/2016

Score: 38.5/50

Over a year has passed since we started this adventure and finally Mit has chosen possibly his favourite restaurant pre BTNDC…. Maze Grill! I think we had all been there before, on the Chefs table, possibly for DC’s 40th a few years ago?….. 😉 but we were all eager to go back.

July 2016…. I think it’ll be remiss of any blogger not to mention Pokemon?…. Well there’s a Pokestop at Maze! Moving on……

Situated on Grosvenor Square you get what you expect. Polite doorsman, friendly welcome, clean & sharp interior, very professional. No gimmicks or over zealous service…. It’s set up perfectly for offering exactly what’s wanted on one of the premier addresses in the world. Possibly for the first time also, compared to other places we have visited, there were more families than expected. There for the Pokemon?!

The staff seemed very busy although eager to help at a moments notice. Whilst waiting for our House Specialty Cocktails, we were served perfectly warm bread and soft soft butter. Never trying to use an adjective twice…. I have to here…. Perfect! Please take note all other restaurants who don’t pay that much attention to detail.

Still waiting for our cocktails a round of nibbles were ordered and brought out aka ‘Small Plates’, as well as some crab sliders which were more visually effective than tasty, with the gherkin overpowering the mini burger. However the Squid, Avocado and Eggs were all very good. The Buffalo Chicken Fillets were the best however. Very yummy.


Finally the cocktails arrived. The Yellow Bird and Maze Martinis were ok. The Lychee and Raspberry Martini however was at least worth the wait. The cocktail ‘experience’ wasn’t enough to stop us ordering wine next and we played it safe with a Sancerre for the rest of the night.

Next up were a selection of starters of which the Garlic Chilli Prawns were the clear winner, most probably because of the amazing sauce. The Burrata, a creamy Mozzarella dish, was very good too and well worth ordering when sharing with others. The Californian Rolls were also a lovely Japanese inclusion with a delicious crab, avocado and Wasabi? filling. All of the above highly recommended.

Mains = Steaks! With nearly every type ordered between us!!

A 900g T-Bone (for 1!). Yes I have it Med-Well but it was exceptional if not quite dear.


The Rare Breed (dry aged 28 days) 10oz Rib-Eye. Very good.


The Rare Breed (28 day) 8oz Fillet. Again very good.


The British Native Breeds (21 day) 10oz Rump & 10oz Sirloin. Once more excellent.


Once added to the hearty selection of sauces and sides we were all thoroughly happy and filled! Special mention to the hand cut chips which were chunky yet superbly crispy.

The deserts didn’t disappoint either, however we were with the Monkey Bread having ran out…… Sounds gorgeous and will be back to try!

So 3 Eton Messes were ordered, and were superb as expected.


My Frozen Lime Yogurt with Toasted Meringue was absolutely stunning and the whole Monkey Bread scenario was swiftly forgotten!


I could write about Pokemon again here, BC aka ‘Jigglypuff’ and maybe even Karl getting a ‘Slowpoke’ from DC……


But in keeping with the night, I won’t as Maze Grill is classy and professional, and although it may not be the epitome of Fine Dining, it will deliver 99% of the time exactly what you want and expect.

10-13 Grosvenor Square, London, W1K 6JP